Realistic Transparent Human Lung Model

A digital reference model of the human lung published by Schmidt et al. (2003) was used for construction of tracheo-bronchial tree down to 3rd generation. 

This model is based on in-vitro preparation of the lung of an adult male combined with HR CT. The segment of airways beginning with throat and going to trachea was acquired as a 3D CT scan of an adult Caucasian male volunteer in St. Anna university hospital in Brno, CZ. This model gives realistic geometry of the airways with complex structures of glottis and epiglottis. Both the models were carefully catenated in trachea region with overlapping of corresponding parts. Novel technique was developed for manufacturing of a positive model. Final thin-walled model is made of transparent silicon (Jedelsky et al. 2008).

Schmidt, A., Zidowitz, S., Kriete, A., Denhard, T., Krass, S. and Peitgen, H. O. (2004): „A digital reference model of the human bronchial tree”. J. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, Vol. 28, pp. 203-211.

Jedelsky, J., Lizal, F., Jicha, M., Krsek, P., Stetina, J. and Kosner, J. (2008): “Experimental model of human airways for flow, particle transport and deposition study”. In EAC. Thessaloniki, Greece.