Twin-fluid Effervescent Atomizer

Twin-fluid Effervescent Atomizer for Suspension Atomization with Mixture Swirl using Two Helical Channels

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The effervescent atomizer with mixture-swirl using two internal helical channels is designed for low-pressure suspension atomization with particles up to 1.5 mm in concentration up to 10 %. Atomization medium is typically steam or air. Max. flow rate of the atomized fluid is 300 l/hour at inlet pressure 0.3 MPa and GLR 10 %.

Atomizer specification and dimensions: the atomizer is A type [1], „out-in” gas injection configuration. Exit nozzle has discharge orifice diameter do = 3.5 mm and a length of 0.7 mm, there is a conical junction with the apical angle of 120 deg in front of the orifice. Mixing chamber diameter is dc = 14 mm, mixing length is lc = 22 mm, 80 aeration holes with 1 mm in diameter are drilled perpendicularly to the main atomizer axis with distance la = 5 mm.

The atomizer has the swirl part placed between aerator body and exit nozzle. The swirlers were designed with a view to a maximum swirl intensity keeping minimum swirler built-in length and large enough cross-section area [2]. Swirl insert of atomizer II has 2 channels with cross-section 6x6 mm at mean diameter 32 mm with pitch 14 mm/thread. The main advantage compared to the four channel nozzle is larger channel cross-section = possibility of discharge of larger particles and also greater swirling intensity based on smaller thread.

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