A software for water hammer solution in piping.


The water hammer is a nightmare for all piping desingers or operators. Unexpected pump shut down or sudden (emergency) valve closure can cause a water hammer. Concequences of it can be enormous. The pressure waves propagate during watter hamer into piping system. The pipe, fittings, piping accessories or another device conected to the pipe can be destroyed. The damage can be caused by the high overpressure or by the high negative pressure. The correct prediciton of a pressure and flow conditions alows to design an effective piping protection and save piping operation.

The water hammer or unsteady fluid flow solution has a long tradition at the Victor Kaplan Department of Fluid Engineering.  The software HYDRA was recently developed. This software allows unsteady fluid flow solution in the piping and it was tested on real problems. 

The Offer

There are two possibilities of HYDRA using:
  • Specific problem solution with software HYDRA by our experts.
  • Purchase a licence for software HYDRA using. 


Following companies have already used results of HYDRA computations
  • ČKD Blasnko Engineering, a.s. Blansko, Czech Republic
  • OCHI INŽENÝRING spol. s r.o., Ostrava Czech Republic
  • PIK spol s r.o., Přerov, Czech Republic
  • SIGMA DIZ spol. s r.o., Lutín, Czech Republic
  • Sigmainvest spol. s r.o., Praha, Česká republika
  • SIGMA Výzkumný a vývojový ústav spol. s r.o., Lutín, Česká republika

Demoversion download

MCR Instaler 8.0 is necessary to run software HYDRA. Download 
HYDRA demoversion together with MCR Instaler 8.0 is available here  HYDRA2012_demo.zip HYDRA2012_demo.zip (12.06 MB)
If you have any question do not hesitate and write e-mail to hydra@fme_vutbr_cz


doc. Ing. Vladimír Habán, Ph.D.
Ing. Daniel Himr, Ph.D.
e-mail: hydra@fme_vutbr_cz